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Ma’am, you don’t HAVE to do this…

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…that’s what the teenage boy said who strapped me in at the top of the local amusement park’s new dive coaster.  It was the night of my 10 year anniversary, and I was determined to ride this crazy contraption to prove to myself (really), my hubby, and mostly, my 10 year old at home that I AM STILL FUN.  I HATE drops, though (jumping off a bridge with my kids into a mountain lake was a least favorite activity of all time), and the primary attraction of a dive coaster is a GIANT DROP.  So here I was, being strapped in by a human being who probably can’t even drive a car yet, and begging him not to “make me” do this.  Well, he tried to explain I wasn’t being forced, to which I replied I HAD to do this, for my reputation’s sake, and ultimately for the sake of the experience.  And do you know, as the man with whom I signed on for life and I reached the peak of this death trap, the sun broke through the rainclouds over the bay and the most amazing view of a little piece of creation opened up – and we fell crazily, laughing… me ever-so-glad I took the risk.

Eegads, that’s the same feeling I have right now – I know I need to write – the ache is in my heart every time I read the funny, poignant, or deep and meaningful words of a heart sister or fellow writer.  I’ve been avoiding it for way, way, too long, but it’s time to get going, or else be unfaithful to the Lover of my heart, who I know longs to pour out His words through my little fingers… if I will only listen to Him.  I’m feeling a bit panicky, though, breathless, and frankly, fearful of what this experience holds.  What if I don’t “keep up?”  What if I reveal too much?  What if, what if, what if?  I’m goin, though.  Strappin’ myself in this time, and can’t wait for the ride.