About me…

I’m a fledgling writer, photographer, speaker, seamstress, dancer, chef, artist… well, those are all things I dream of being when I am in dreaming mode.  I am primarily a wife of one really cool, goofy, faithful man and mom to the most awesome five kids God ever created (of course I know every mom says that, but I am convinced that’s how my Daddy feels about me, too!)  I homeschool by day and create, when I am being self-disciplined or caffeine-high by night. 

As far as Loving Legacy Photography goes, you’ll find me to be the tender-hearted (your pictures will probably make me teary-eyed!) and slightly goofy woman behind the camera.  I picked up a camera “for real” while assisting a friend/pro wedding photographer about 10 years ago, and have been adding to my experience and “ideas list” ever since.  Since I’m a wife and momma first, that’s how I view your session… as a romantic, I love engagement portraits, as a former youth/young adult pastor’s wife, working with teens is a blast for me, and as a momma to five little arrows, I adore spending time with your little ones and getting to capture the side of them YOU know so you can preserve it and pass on their “legacy” to future generations.

I can’t wait to meet you and more, can’t wait to meet my Daddy – notice the image header – my man and my girl – just how I want to feel with Papa-God – hand in hand, my little in his big strong, lookin’ out at the great big world He created and feeling curious, and safe.


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