And God adds TWO…

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This awesome couple tried for a while to get pregnant, and then found out they’re having TWINS!  Isn’t God awesome?!  What a fun time I had with a willing and absolutely gorgeous momma-to-be.  Can’t wait for our next shoot!JoyA \


My own favorite subjects…

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well, two of them!  These are some shots I’ve been playing around with.  Artisitic editing is a great way to remember not only the moment, but the “feel” of the time your precious photos were taken!


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just working on some techniques – s and crew, i hope you enjoy!  your proofs are coming soon, girl!

Sweet Shannon’s crew

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I love photographing friends… it is such an honor to be trusted with an investment and given the opportunity to capture memories with people you know and love!  Tonight was so much fun, guys – here’s a sneak peak.  I hope they make you smile as much as they do me!


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font #4montage option #3You may have seen the preview shots from this little man’s pre-haircut pics.  Here are some collage ideas for mom to check out!

Sibling Love…

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a rare moment of quiet...Mmmm… taste the sweetness.  The photos here are  examples of “day in the life” photography.  These are the moments you don’t want to lose in the noisy goings-on of life.  That rare moment when everything stops… the giggles your little one gets at bathtime… the gooey grin when feeding themselves… the smiles the kids only share with each other.  The moments you swear you’ll remember and pray you won’t forget.  Let me help you hold on to them.  Contact me to set up your own “day in the life” session!

family reunion

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here are a few photos from the reunion last weekend… i’ll post more as i get editing done!